PrivacyPolicy PrivacyPolicy

Myanmar Kinan Co., Ltd. recognizes that the most important responsibility of the protection of the personal information of customers and handling customers' personal information as follows .

  • 1Compliance with laws and regulations

    Upon handles the personal information of customers, we will comply with relevant laws and regulations, and internal regulations concerning the protection of personal information.

  • 2purpose of use

    Purpose to get your personal information is as follows. If you want to get in here without a defined purpose, when you get the personal information of customers, done explicitly in advance purpose.

    1. (1)As a company that has received the business license of the rental, to create a voucher at the time of the rental agreement in order to carry out the duties that are required.
    2. (2)To customers, to the provision of services related to our business.
    3. (3)To your personal authentication and examination of.
    4. (4)To create a processing statistical data so that it can not identify the individuals subjected to analysis by aggregating the personal information.
  • 3Appropriate acquisition

    Customer's personal information, it does not do it to get in illegal means.

  • 4Application

    It will interoperate within the range that defines the following personal information of customers in the purpose of use.

    Name, Birthday, sex, address, phone number, email address, License number, License acquisition date, Customer number, Information of the company, Usage history

  • 5Provided to third parties

    I do not do is to provide the personal information except in the following cases to a third party.

    1. (1)If you want to provide to the company that has previously obtained the consent from the customer.
    2. (2)If based on the laws and regulations.
    3. (3)Human life, even if it is necessary for the protection of health or property, when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer.
    4. (4)In a case where there is a particular need for the promotion of the improvement or the sound growth of children and public health, it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer.
    5. (5)Even if a person who has received the agency or local government or the commission of the country it is necessary to cooperate with it to carry out the office to the provisions of the laws and regulations, hindrance to the performance of the office by obtaining the consent of the customer when there is likely to cause.
  • 6Disclosure, correction, deletion

    We will make every effort to maintain the personal information accurate and up-to-date state. In addition, when asked to disclose personal information that is held by Corporation Myanmar Kinan from our customers will be promptly disclosed on the basis of the prescribed procedures. As a result, we will promptly correct or delete if there is any chance the wrong information.

  • 7Safety management

    Myanmar Kinan Corporation is, of personal information handling, leaks, will take necessary and appropriate measures for the loss or damage prevention of other safety management.

  • 8Education and supervision of employees

    Myanmar Kinan Corporation, hitting in order to deal with personal information to employees, along with the safety management of personal information is to implement the ongoing employee education as promoted, and make the appropriate supervision.

Information management supervisor AUNG LA PYAE